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BONUS Commissions!*

$5,000 in travel sales in 30 days gets you additional 5%
$10,000 in travel sales in 60 days gets you additional 10%
$25,000 in travel sales in 90 days gets you additional 15%

*Bonus Commission only applies to eligible time frame and is not on-going.

Imagine …

Taking your passion and making it your business!

Did you ever…

read a book or magazine as a child and feel like you had just traveled to an entirely different place in time? Did you reminisce of that place often? I know I did.  Every musical, every book, every movie that I would immerse myself into took me to a land far, far away. That is how my love of travel started, in my imagination and so did my company, Elite Travel Concierge.

Bonnie Montgomery

Owner, Elite Travel Concierge

Today, you can take that same desire and passion and make it your business. I KNOW, because I DID IT and YOU CAN TOO!
We welcome you to join us here at TEAM ELITE.

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Confidental - Costa Rica's premier Dental Surgery location

ConfiDental – Costa Rica

Pearl Island - Bahamas

Pearl Island – Bahamas

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Disney Parks, Resorts & Cruises


Seahorse Sailing Adventures

Seahorse Sailing Adventures

Discover Nassau Bahamas

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Sandals & Beaches Resorts

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Travel Leaders Network

Travel Leaders Network

Elite Travel Concierge

Elite Travel Concierge

Elite Travel Destinations

Elite Travel Destinations