Team Elite Staff

Our home staff at Team ELITE is here to provide you with the backup and support you need to guide you into this new adventure.  We’re here to make sure you have the best training, the best resources and the best opportunities available to you.

Bonnie J. Montgomery


Contact Info:
Phone: +1 (561) 447-8869 ext. 2002

As your host agency HQ Staff, I’m responsible for:     Making sure we, at Elite, are providing the best opportunities for all of our independent agents.  I’m always searching for better and easier ways to increase your business and your bottom line!

Best Known as: 

Favorite Destination I Would HIGHLY Recommend:    East Africa Safari,  Australia (from Bondi Beach to Byron Bay, it is all spectacular) Italy – The Amalfi Coast is heaven on Earth.

Hotels I Wish I Lived in:  Honestly, any hotel that has lovely Room Service/Turn-down/ Maid Service and a Spa – Did I mention “Service”

Favorite Vacation Spots:  Southern Italy, Caribbean – Nassau, Bahamas , Dominican Republic – (just about any Island) I definitely love a Beach!

Destinations I Most Want to Visit:  New Zealand, South Africa, Cuba and India

The Next Trips I Have Planned:   England & France this summer with my family.

New Hot Spot:  Havana, Cuba, Ibiza and Prague

What I Cannot Travel Without:  A good book, my Pashmina, comfy slippers, bottled water, make-up remover/lotion and some yummy lip gloss for the plane.

Best Travel Advice:  BE SPONTANEOUS & ADVENTUROUS. Try new countries, cities, foods and excursions.  Try to speak a little of the language of the Country you are visiting, even the simple pleasantries of Hello, Good Morning, Please and Thank you go a long way to show your desire to be a tourist in a foreign country.

Biggest Luxury About Traveling:   I love exceptional service, locally grown foods and wine and I am a sucker for a great view!  The higher the floor, the better.

The Reason I Do What I Do:  So I can do what I love (yes, travel!) and pass on my experience and love of travel to my family, friends and clientele.

My Specialties:  Creating new and exciting adventures around the globe.

Jill Glassman


Contact Info:
Phone: +1 (561) 447-8869 ext. 2003

As your host agency HQ Staff, I’m responsible for: Working closely with the agents to make sure you have the best resources and support from our BDMs and suppliers.  I’m here to share my travel knowledge and to make sure things go smoothly in the office.

Best Known as:  The “Handler”

Favorite Destination I Would HIGHLY Recommend: Barbados – love the people and the culture

Hotels I Wish I Lived in:  Hyatt – Baha Mar, Four Seasons

Favorite Vacation Spots: Barbados, Florida Keys, San Francisco, Napa/Sonoma

Destinations I Most Want to Visit: Paris, Rome & Greece

The Next Trips I Have Planned: Hawaii

New Hot Spot: Galapagos

What I Cannot Travel Without: My iPad, Kindle and my Pashmina

Best Travel Advice: Be Flexible, Eat where the locals eat

Biggest Luxury About Traveling: New experiences and cultures

The Reason I Do What I Do:  Love sharing my experiences and encouraging people to create their own.

My Specialties: Creating and customizing unique experiences

Dana Griffith


Contact Info:
Phone: +1 (561) 447-8869 ext. 2005


As your host agency HQ Staff, I’m responsible for: I manage our Accounting department and promise to track and deliver your commissions and complete payments in a timely and accurate manner.  I am always available to answer any questions you might have regarding invoicing and your commissions.

Favorite Destination I Would HIGHLY Recommend: Lake Tahoe, NV, the views are incredible in winter or in summer!

Favorite Vacation Spots: Anywhere I can Ski, but the Summit area in Colorado holds a special place in my heart.

Destinations I Most Want to Visit: Courmayeur, Italy – Cerro Caterdal near Bariloche, Argentina – Portillo, Chile

The Next Trips I Have Planned: Skiing during the North American summer in South America with my husband and our 8 year old son.

What I Cannot Travel Without: Travel Pillow & blanket, Clorox wipes, moisturizer, socks, extra Cash, a good book for a long flight, water & snacks.

Best Travel Advice: Talk to the locals to find the best spots for food and drinks – some of my favorite places over the years have been off the beaten path and not in your travel book. Don’t dismiss a travel opportunity just because its short notice – sometimes the last minute trips are the best ones!  Oh, and don’t over pack and include everything you own.  Chances are, most of the places the average traveler visits will have plenty of stores that carry what you might have forgotten!

Biggest Luxury About Traveling: First class airline seats – This is an indulgence I haven’t had many opportunities to take advantage of, but one of my favorites.

The Reason I Do What I Do: I love getting people to the place they want to go that they have never been.  I enjoy exploring that place with them before they leave, and hearing about their trips when they get back.  It’s almost as good as getting to go along with my clients.  A happy client is the best reward.

My Specialties: Rocky Mountains, USA & Canada – anywhere you can think of to ski, hike, or play outdoors, I can help you find the right locations to explore and enjoy!



Contact Info:
Phone: +1 (561) 447-8869


As your host agency HQ Staff, I’m responsible for: Assisting with tips and guidance on helping you create group adventures related to golf, food and wellness.

Best Known as: Golf Tourism Aficionado

Favorite destination I would highly recommend:  New Zealand – Beauty, nature, active, vivid colors and natural landscapes, sparsely populated, fresh seafood and delicious wines.

Hotel I wished I lived in:  The Breakers, Palm Beach – Beach, golf, spa, fabulous bars & restaurants, nightlife.  Glamorous, yet relaxed…what more would one want?…and close to home when a trip to reality is needed!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Italy – A country that offers something for everyone:  history, art, food, beaches, mountains, and a warm welcome.

Destination on my wish list:  Oman, Middle-East

The next trip I have planned:  Sweden and the Scandinavian countries:  Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland

New Hot Spot:  Sri Lanka – The new up and coming destination for beaches, wellness and beauty.

What I cannot travel without:   A large pashmina to be used as a blanket, scarf, wrap or carry-all.

Best Travel Advice:  Dine and mingle at local mom & pop establishments.

Biggest Luxury about traveling:  Freedom.

The reason I do what I do:  To inspire others to discover, experience and feel what travel offers…enjoy the journey!

My Specialty:  Custom group itineraries for golfers, foodies, wellness seekers…or a collaboration of all.

George Wakeling


Contact Info:
Phone: +1 (561) 447-8869

As your host agency HQ Staff, I’m responsible for: Apart from assisting with the Digital Marketing and back end tech help, my Australian accent keeps people guessing what I’m saying

Favorite Destination: This is the hardest of all the questions. I have been to so many amazing places around the world but I always fall back on where I grew up. Australia. Sydney is a city everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime and then the coast line is scattered with amazingly quaint beach towns that you just want to stay in and let the rush of the outside world pass you by. My “One Particular Harbor” happens to be a small crop of islands just off the coast of Venezuela named Los Roques. It’s just stunning

Hotels I Wish I Lived in:  I’m not much of a diver but the Uepi Island Resort in the Solomon Islands makes you feel like you at the edge of the world. Atlantis in the Bahamas is so much fun as well.

Favorite Vacation Spots: I’ve already mentioned Australia so, I loved Ireland and I think Rome is just amazing.

Destinations I Most Want to Visit: I’ve always wanted to see the Pryamids.

The Next Trips I Have Planned: I promised my son a trip to Yankee Stadium

New Hot Spot: Cuba

What I Cannot Travel Without: Unfortunately, my computer, I’m always working. I wish i could take my golf clubs, rental clubs sometimes suck. Otherwise, I like to travel with an open mind.

Best Travel Advice: Keep your expectations in check so you will be surprised when they are exceeded

Biggest Luxury About Traveling: Not just seeing but understanding that the world, outside our walls can be a very different place.

The Reason I Do What I Do:  I’ve been exceptionally lucky to have traveled and experienced what I have. I love airports, it gives you a feeling that a new adventure is about to begin.

My Specialties: Apart from the mundane of Digital Marketing, I bring my years of experience to assist clients planning, what, for me, may be a just another trip but for them, could be  the trip of a lifetime.